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Empire Equine
2318 Olivet Lane - Santa Rosa - CA - 95401

Welcome to Empire Equine
Empire Equine is located in North West Santa Rosa and provides veterinary care to horses throughout most of Sonoma County. Dr. Michelle Beko offers general medical care including prepurchase examinations, lameness examinations, reproductive services, dental care and preventative health care. We welcome all types of equids including donkeys, mules, ponies and miniatures, from pasture pets to upper level performance horses.  We offer 24 hour emergency services.

At Empire Equine we respect your time and concerns. Dr. Beko arrives promptly to appointments and you will always be notified if unforeseen circumstances are going to delay her arrival.  

We encourage you to participate in your animal’s health care and respect the bond between you and your animals. We are here for your support and welcome questions regarding your animals. Our goal is not only to provide excellent care for your horses, but to support you in your endeavors as a horse owner. We strive to use up to date medical knowledge and skills to help owners maximize their horse’s health and soundness.

Michelle _Beko ®  2318 Olivet Lane, Santa Rosa, CA  95401

Our Mission

We are committed to providing optimal veterinary care to our patients while providing outstanding client services to their owners. We respect each horse and owner’s individual needs.

Phone: 707-545-3909​