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Parasite Control
Parasitologists recommendations for deworming horses have changed in recent years. Rather than simply deworming all horses every 2-3 months, it is now recommended that each horse be evaluated based on it’s own risk factors and be dewormed 2-6 times per year. We now know that some horses are naturally more susceptible to parasitism while others are more resistant. We also know that excessive use of wormers increases the likelihood that parasites will develop resistance to wormers. By tailoring a parasite control program to your horse’s needs we can help maximize the effectiveness of wormers without over medicating. 

A simple and inexpensive lab test called a “Fecal Egg Count” can help us to identify horses who are naturally “high shedders” versus “low shedders”. Based on the results of the fecal egg count, and taking into consideration your horses stabling environment, we can recommend a parasite control program that is best for your horse.

A fecal egg count can be performed at Empire Equine and only requires a small sample of feces.  Feel free to call us for more information on this service or to schedule an appointment.

Fecal Egg Count